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Sacha Stone

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Spend an evening with Sacha Stone, a visionary, filmmaker, and activist dedicated to raising human consciousness and fostering positive change. Once a rock musician, Sacha is now the founder of several impactful initiatives, including the NewEarth Project, which promotes sustainable living, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), and Humanitad, an organization focused on human rights and social justice.

Sacha’s compelling documentaries and dynamic speaking engagements inspire audiences around the world. He encourages people to rethink societal norms and embrace holistic, enlightened living. With his passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to truth, Sacha Stone remains a leading voice in the movement for global awakening and transformation.

uk tour 2024 IS here!

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30th June 2024

Cornwall, England

3rd July 2024

The Imperial, Devon

5th July 2024

Glastonbury, England

9th July 2024

Bristol, England

11th July 2024

London, England

13th July 2024

Edinburgh, Scotland

18th July 2024

Liverpool, England

20th July 2024

Dublin, Ireland

30th July 2024

Hampshire, England

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